02. Addressing The Elephant In The Room In 6 Steps

April 20, 2021

Today we talk about how to address unspoken issues that happen in teams and in relationships. Conflict situations can bring up risk, and the reason why conflict creates anxiety for most of us is that we are hardwired to protect ourselves. So what do you d

01. Three Ways to Connect Your Team in 15 Minutes or Less

April 6, 2021

Teams that are connected are going to work better together, you're going to retain them, they're going to give extra effort towards the team’s goals. While working remotely, many people feel isolated so you as a leader need to do something about it. Leigh

00. An Introduction to the Leading Better Teams Podcast

March 31, 2021

Leading teams is not easy. This podcast has been created to reach more people, more executives, and more teams that benefit individuals, teams and can make corporations more human-centered. This show is for leaders who are seeking new ways to engage remo