Aug. 10, 2021

10. What All Leaders Need to Know About The Future of Work, with Erin Grau of Charter

10. What All Leaders Need to Know About The Future of Work, with Erin Grau of Charter

We are wrapping up Season 1 of the Leading Better Teams Podcast on a high note, discussing the future of work with Erin Grau, the co-founder, and COO of Charter. Erin discusses the future of work, and how we can best adapt to this new environment so that

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📰 Erin’s media career: Modernising the New York Times.  02:15

💫 Showcasing the vision for the future and shaping beliefs and priorities around that future. 04:22

🔀 Flexibility is here to stay: hybrid work model is the most preferred type of work but comes with challenges. 05:16

⚗️ Using Experimentation to get the hybrid model right: HubSpot and three different models employees can choose from. 07:56

😍 This time of great transformation: Sharing and connecting with people, understanding mental health, understanding that inclusion and diversity are about power.10:32

🙃 Difference between individual contributor and manager. 12:41

🤓 Leaders now have to learn a whole different way of leadership. 15:30

💯 Looking at employee's well-being, more holistically, not just between nine to five.17:56

🤝 Focusing on helping managers to figure out their priorities - personally and professionally. 20:08

🏆 The highest rated companies this year are the ones that are actively caring for employees and communities by building trust, flexibility, autonomy, and greater clarity in their organization. 23:55

😊 The ability to empathize is critical. 27:33

🤩 High performing teams have high-quality connections: Collective weeks off, mentorship circles and red, yellow, green exercise. 28:40

📋 Tips and studies on how to get the benefits of hybrid work. 33:04

👂 Finding things in common: one on one 5-minute breakout exercise. 36:49

✌️ Start small, show the vulnerability to your team. The #1 driver of successful teams is psychological safety. 39:52

😎 Sign up for Charter’s newsletter: Research findings on best business practices and cliff notes of new business books. 41:16


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