April 20, 2021

02. Addressing The Elephant In The Room In 6 Steps

02. Addressing The Elephant In The Room In 6 Steps

Today we talk about how to address unspoken issues that happen in teams and in relationships. Conflict situations can bring up risk, and the reason why conflict creates anxiety for most of us is that we are hardwired to protect ourselves. So what do you d

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💨 Why do we avoid, accommodate or compromise in conflict situations? 1:30💣 If we don't talk about unspoken issues openly and constructively, it will drain us. 3:25✨ The Thomas Kilmann Instrument (TKI) conflict management instrument. 04:29🐘 Steps for addressing the elephant in the room. 9:181️⃣ Be sure you are in the right mindset first. How to do that? 10:462️⃣ Choose your timing and approach wisely, and what to consider.14:44☝️ A good question to ask yourself about your objectivity! 18:033️⃣ Acknowledge and name the elephant in the room.18:41🙃 Team assessment is a great way to address the elephant too. 22:58🌸 LBT Trivia question: How do elephants communicate? 26:294️⃣ Establish the intention and ground rules to create a safe environment. 27:255️⃣ Moving into the discussion and identifying solutions. 30:236️⃣ Follow up and have accountability checks. 32:45🚩 Leading Better Teams Challenge. 35:32

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