July 27, 2021

09. Experts Weigh In On The Biggest Challenges Leaders Face Right Now

09. Experts Weigh In On The Biggest Challenges Leaders Face Right Now

With so much change still happening, leaders face a multitude of challenges. Turning to experts is a wise way to stay on top of the latest in team development. In this special episode, Leigh Ann turns to her Better Team’s Forward Community tribe to gathe

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👩‍🎓 Leigh Ann founded the Team Consultant Academy in 2019. 01:02

🙃 Executive coach Gayle Ely of Total Life Leadership on psychological well-being of employees. 03:24

👓 Improvement leader Danielle Freeman of The Clorox Company on lack of clarity. 06:40

😷 Wanda Walker from Uniquely Yours on the changes the pandemic brought and insights into organizational culture.09:59

↘️McKinsey newsletter - reducing likelihood that women and people of color fall behind. 12:29

🗓️ How teams use ‘hub weeks’ to come together 13:25.

🥖 LBT Trivia Question: Where did the word culture originate from? 14:19

🎯 Alex Suchman of Barometer Interactive on using games to promote strong team culture and identity. 15:00

🤗 Innovation coach Mary Bolander of Mary Bolander LLC on solving creativity challenges. 19:01

5️⃣ The five steps of Design Thinking. 22:19

🚩 Leading Better Teams Challenge. 23:26

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>>Connect with guests:

Gayle Ely, MBA, PCC  https://www.total-life-leadership.com/  

Danielle S. Freeman, CMF, CVF https://www.linkedin.com/in/cidanielle/

Wanda N. Walker, CLSSGB, CVF  https://uycllc.com/

Alex Suchman, PMP https://www.barometerxp.com/

Mary Bolander https://www.linkedin.com/in/marybolander/

>>Links mentioned:

McKinsey & Company, Charter Newsletter https://www.mckinsey.com/ 

Design Thinking https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_thinking 

>> Connect with Leigh Ann: www.better-teams.com

>> Get the Better-Teams model to identify your team’s strengths and greatest opportunities using a common language here: https://better-teams.com/better-teams-model/