May 18, 2021

04. 3 Ways To Align Your Team - Goals, Roles & Methods

04. 3 Ways To Align Your Team - Goals, Roles & Methods

When a team is out of alignment, it has the potential to reduce engagement, retention, team productivity, and efficiency. Anytime something changes, a team needs to realign to stay high performing. In today's episode, we focus on the three critical areas

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⚠️ All teams have at least one area where the team is not fully aligned. 01:02⚡ What are the challenges when aligning a team? 02:27🤔 What is team alignment? 06:22🧐 What does a team need to be aligned around? 08:04🚘 LBT Trivia Question: How often should you align your car tires? 10:28🌞 Re-aligning your team is a very proactive approach. 11:192️⃣ Roles and responsibilities while aligning your team. 12:02🔥 Using the RACI Method for role agreements. 14:42📝 Let’s talk about job procedures, and team norms.18:01✨ The Distinctive Leader exercise. 19:43✌️ Alignment is critical for the health of your team. 22:12🤓 The Better Teams Challenge 22:42

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