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My fav

This is by far becoming one of my favorite podcasts. The topics are relevant and the guests are insightful. I can’t wait for the next season!

Insightful and Practical

Leigh Ann provides insightful and practical information that leaders of all levels can find useful. Glad she is sharing her words of wisdom to a wider audience!


Leigh Ann knows her stuff. She does an excellent job delivering valuable content on building stronger teams. The tips and tools she shares helps me excel in my role as a leader.


Sometimes you can just tell when someone is passionate about their work. In Leigh Ann’s case, her passion translates to creative ideas, effective communication, and a set of skills that produces a podcast that is both relevant and beneficial to leaders across a wide range of industries.

Great ideas for remote teams

Leigh Ann does a great job of presenting practical, realistic ideas for working with remote teammates. Her presentation skills are clear and articulate. She draws you in with her knowledge and backs it up with real world examples. I will definitely try some of these ideas and share them with other team leaders in my organization. Well worth the time!

Great tool

Hits the nail on the head!! Great tool to build employees connections.

Excellent ideas for more effective teams today

Concise podcast and three great take-aways! We use Slack, and I’m excited about implementing a “connection” channel. Such a simple idea that I do believe will make a difference as we navigate this new normal. Thank you Leigh Ann!

A "Must Listen” for Team Leaders

This podcast is full of useful advice for anyone who wants to pay more attention to the human side of working with teams. Delivered with authenticity drawing from years of experience, host Leigh Ann offers creative and practical ideas that help teams foster connection, collaboration, and engagement. Her warm and empathetic approach make her a delight to listen to while the content she offers is top notch.

Great ideas for leaders

Full of interesting ideas and tips that I will use.

If you are a leader, you wont want to miss this podcast

If I could rate this 10* I would! Leigh Ann is warm, authentic, interesting, has great insights, tools and delightful to listen to. There is always a tangible takeaway that makes this listen well worth your time. Don’t hesitate reading this review, subscribe to the podcast and start listening right away. I’ll be a better leader because I’ll use Leigh Ann’s tools !

Great Tools for Better Team Connections

Loved the practical tools and application tips. Great job!

Excited for this!

Very excited for what this podcast has to offer! Leigh Ann is such an engaging and genuine person who truly believes in her work and meets everything with enthusiasm and everyone with kindness. As someone who’s still relatively new on my job and in a position of leadership in a public school, I am eager to grow my leadership and team building skills; so, I’m looking forward to what I can learn from Leigh Ann on this platform.

Leading Better Teams

Whether you are a seasoned leader or just getting started-this is a must listen podcast. Leigh Ann does a great job at describing how to lead better teams.

Become a Better Leader? Here’s how!

I love Leigh Ann’s new podcast! Her insights are invaluable in becoming a better leader, and building and connecting with engaged teams. I appreciate that every episode is actionable, yet Leigh Ann’s presentation is incredibly warm and inspiring. Leigh Ann’s passion and experience have made her an industry leader, and I’m grateful for this podcast as an opportunity to learn from her.

Just what we need as we move into the Future of Work!

Working in teams has always been somewhat challenging, but with the world of work being turned upside down - teamwork has changed completely! Leigh Ann offers incredible insights and tips for leaders who must continue to get high performance from their teams. Can’t wait to hear more!!