Sept. 17, 2022

07. Helping Moms To Become UNBREAKABLE, with Lesley Pyle

07. Helping Moms To Become UNBREAKABLE, with Lesley Pyle

More and more SAHMs are joining the workforce and working from home.

Lesley Pyle founded in 2007 with a strong desire to help moms find legitimate work-from-home jobs. By taking a leap of faith and adopting an unbreakable mindset, Lesley

🤰 The Hire My Mom platform for remote jobs: Lesley’s journey in creating flexibility in her work. 01:21
🥰 HireMyMom helped Jennifer 10 years ago, and now she finds her team members there. 05:51
🤷‍♀️ Lesley’s biggest challenge was hiring good web developers. 10:10
😎 Looking pretty in front but turning out to be not-so great: using someone to vet others. 12:27
🤯 Agencies that charge $80-100,000 for website creation. 15:17
👩‍💼 Concierge service for businesses: some people don’t have time for the hiring process. 16:20
🥗 Eating healthier makes you more confident: Lesley started an eating protocol to regain her health and wellness routine back. 18:59
⚡ Jennifer also had to change her diet: what we put into our bodies makes a huge difference in our health, energy, and vitality. 23:23
👏 Holistic way of thinking: healing Graves disease with the Whole Foods diet. 26:18
🙌 Being UNBREAKABLE:  intention to heal herself led to amazing results. 28:01
✌️ Coping with stress and anger: challenges as learning opportunities. 29:15
😇 Refocusing your energy on a better place: helping yourself by forgiving others. 30:30


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