March 28, 2022

04. How I became an UNBREAKABLE entrepreneur with a purpose - featuring Sherria Reid

04. How I became an UNBREAKABLE entrepreneur with a purpose - featuring Sherria Reid

Sherria Reid, a Co-founder of Butler, Owens & Reid, is a financial expert, personal credit repair expert, and tax preparer. She works with businesses to find their weaknesses and explore their options for funding through in-depth fundability analysis.

👩🏾‍💼 Sherria is a mom, a corporate leader, and co-founder of Butler, Owens & Reid. 00:54

😍 The best moments with kids and lessons we learn from them. 03:21

👠 From humble beginnings to driving a Porsche at 24: held down by her past. 07:03

☹️ Overcoming trauma: sacrificing yourself to please others is hurtful. 15:19

💉 Saying “My mom is dead” was an easier way to explain than the reality. 19:33

😇 Let’s fix you first: a therapist's journey was a long process for Jennifer and Sherria. 23:54

🔥 Not letting yourself be a victim is the first step… 30:45 

🙏🏾 The state of gratitude regardless of all struggles: Sherria had the help of her friend’s mom in crucial things in her life. 32:46

🙃 Sherria’s giggly and happy reaction to Spartan races and the Unbreakable retreat. 37:00

⚡ Mindset challenge: Your confidence gets stronger when the course gets harder. 37:59

🌞 Sherria is an adrenaline junkie: can’t wait to be surrounded by women who are really invested in helping other women. 42:06

🌺 Cultivating healthy women relationships: the real girl code and breaking the barriers. 44:39

🏃🏾‍♀️ She decided to become a runner: the barriers we create because we are not asking for help. 46:53

🌟 Pushing through that initial discomfort to go after what you want. 48:51

🔛 No matter how strong your mindset is, you will have those doubts: push through them! 50:29

🧠 “Take advantage of everyone that crossed your path - you can learn something from everyone.” 52:40

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