Feb. 18, 2022

01. What Does It Mean To Be UNBREAKABLE?

01. What Does It Mean To Be UNBREAKABLE?

Today Jennifer and Adrienne talk about the inspiration behind the UNBREAKABLE podcast and share information about the UNBREAKABLE women’s retreat that they are hosting in May. After participating in Spartan Races, Jennifer says she realized a correlation

🗻 Adrienne is looking forward to the retreat in Montana.  01:00

💲 How the idea of a vacation with a business was born: because of doing Spartan Races, Jennifer's business almost tripled its revenue. 01:56

👍 Everything is in place to make everybody feel ready and comfortable on the retreat.  08:25

✨ Breaking through your business barriers: bringing fearlessness and confidence from races into business. 09:07

🖐 Five outstanding women are there to support you: Jennifer, Adrienne, and Alicia - a health and fitness coach; Julie - a vision and goals coach; and Diana - a recreational therapist. 11:03

😇 Stepping into a new environment, connecting with nature, and allowing yourself to be creative in solving challenges. 15:26

💆‍♀️ Safe and judgment-free zone: Healing with the mountain and a small group of people. 17:12

🏞️ Huge lodge cabin with 16 private acres: being in the center of nature. 18:38

💪 Jennifer is planning a ‘go forward’ for men in August in West Virginia. 19:11

🤓 Taking on a physical challenge to move forward in life: this podcast will be about stories from people who did it. 19:59

🌞 “I’m afraid -I can’t do that”: Jennifer says she is not good in races but she is still out there. 21:20

🏃‍♀️ Work on the business for the first three days and a race on the last day. 22:38

🤩 A retreat that is an antidote to perfectionism. 23:16

🎯 Diving deeper with all the UNBREAKABLE coaches in the next episode. 27:27

🌄 Join us on retreat: www.bestplannerever.lpages.co/unbreakable-retreat

👉Connect with Jennifer www.jenniferdawncoaching.com

👉 Connect with Adrienne: www.sheleadsmedia.com