Feb. 24, 2022

02. Meet & Greet with the UNBREAKABLE Coaches

02. Meet & Greet with the UNBREAKABLE Coaches

How does it feel to take on a physical challenge and explore its effect on your life and your business? The UNBREAKABLE coaches share their personal experiences of changes in life, health, and business after they completed a physical challenge and got out

💪 IN MAY, the UNBREAKABLE retreat in Montana combines business and life coaching with obstacle course racing. 01:00

👩 Adrienne Garland is a marketing strategist from She Leads Media. 04:52

👱‍♀️ Julie Moses Whittingham is an accountability & vision coach. 06:21

🙋‍♀️ Alesha Burkeen is a veteran and a health and fitness coach. 07:57

🛋️ Jennifer started her challenge on a couch. 11:35

😲 A state of absolute shock. 14:54

📈 The process of up-leveling in races results in growing a business. 17:21

🏃‍♀️ Adrianne’s jogging and half marathon experiences taught her that everyone needs help. 19:06

🆘 Ego checking and the benefit of asking for help: I’m racing myself out there. 22:09

🥾 Even while in the military, Alesha hated to work out: a choice to make. 25:58

🏝️ Training a year for the Hawaiian Trifecta: three races in two days wrapped with fear. 31:24

😎 Being a badass: signing up for all races, but it gets you blisters. 34:36

➡️ Being out there by yourself is totally another feeling. The only way through is through. 38:14

🎯 Julie’s direct correlation between working out to feel your best and doing your best in life. 41:23

🚧 Jennifer skipped some obstacles: the challenge of you getting better.  49:32

🩹 Being afraid of injuries: doing pushups incorrectly is not the solution. 50:54

⚕️ 30-year old Alesha had the back of a 70-year old: putting in the effort to make sure that you're strong and healthy. 53:58

🙈 Monkey bars from hell: life is never easy. 58:36

🛡️ Spartan Race on the 4th day: Benefit in finding comfort in being uncomfortable. 1:03:09

🆙 Uplift yourself with us this year. 1:04:53

🖐 Don’t stress about the race: try something new, have fun, we will support you. 01:53:00

📲 A weekly health coaching call: we will help you with a plan and motivation until May. 1:06:45

🌄 Join us on the UNBREAKABLE retreat: www.bestplannerever.lpages.co/unbreakable-retreat

👉Connect with Jennifer www.jenniferdawncoaching.com

👉 Connect with Adrienne: www.sheleadsmedia.com