07. Helping Moms To Become UNBREAKABLE, with Lesley Pyle

Sept. 17, 2022

More and more SAHMs are joining the workforce and working from home. Lesley Pyle founded HireMyMom.com in 2007 with a strong desire to help moms find legitimate work-from-home jobs. By taking a leap of faith and adopting a…

06. The Power of Being Kind with Jen Schwytzer

July 22, 2022

Jennifer Schwytzer is truly UNBREAKABLE and not only for being amazingly kind (which is her motto in life) but because of the very personal story she shared. The emotions she felt after not being successful in becoming a mom…

05. Sandy Slade of Skillastics is UNBREAKABLE

April 13, 2022

CEO at Skillastics, Sandy Slade, is a basketball-spinning sports entertainer, basketball teacher, and serial entrepreneur who has never written a resume in her life! Her company focuses on a physical activity solution for ph…

04. How I became an UNBREAKABLE entrepreneur with a purpose - featuring Sherria Reid

March 28, 2022

Sherria Reid, a Co-founder of Butler, Owens & Reid, is a financial expert, personal credit repair expert, and tax preparer. She works with businesses to find their weaknesses and explore their options for funding through in-…

03. Why Preparation & Planning is Vital, with Kate Hudson of Shattered Glass Coaching

March 7, 2022

Kate Hudson is a certified life coach with Shattered Glass Coaching, and she helps driven women unlock their full potential and become unstoppable in their careers and personal lives. She shares her challenges in life and bu…

02. Meet & Greet with the UNBREAKABLE Coaches

Feb. 24, 2022

How does it feel to take on a physical challenge and explore its effect on your life and your business? The UNBREAKABLE coaches share their personal experiences of changes in life, health, and business after they completed a…

01. What Does It Mean To Be UNBREAKABLE?

Feb. 18, 2022

Today Jennifer and Adrienne talk about the inspiration behind the UNBREAKABLE podcast and share information about the UNBREAKABLE women’s retreat that they are hosting in May. After participating in Spartan Races, Jennifer s…

00. Welcome

Feb. 14, 2022