Jan. 9, 2023

85. Madeline Schwarz - Communication Builds Confidence

85. Madeline Schwarz - Communication Builds Confidence

Improving your communication skills can have a profound impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing. Madeline Schwarz is a communication coach who helps her clients conquer their fears and improve their professional and social confidence. Many people

📢 Getting more comfortable communicating: Madeline was terrified of public speaking, which negatively affected her well-being.  02:02
💪 Overworking is not a way to prove yourself: "I'm going to speak up, even if it makes other people uncomfortable" = revealing rather than concealing. 05:11
🫦 Anticipation is worse than doing the work: communication is just a series of experiments. 08:24
✅ The three big things to focus on in communication: communication is not a series of skills, it’s a mindset - change how you think about yourself. 10:20
🛋️ Shame, guilt, and regret hold people back in communication: mindset is like rearranging your furniture. 14:03
💯 Being nervous isn't a problem. 18:00
🌬️ Breathwork practice helps, but everybody needs different tools. 20:27
🎭 Roleplay is a great practice: improving communication improves creativity in all areas of life. 24:04
💃 Do the mindset work and feel like you belong on the stage! 27:05
🎤 Making small changes can have a huge ripple effect - experiment and don't give up. 29:09


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