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Inspiration and knowledge

I truly enjoy listening to Jill’s podcasts. She shares so much valuable information around how to be truly healthy. I am very grateful for the time she takes to makes these and look forward to more.

Friendly and helpful new information

I feel uplifted and inspired by Jill Cruz’s empowering podcast. I just enjoyed the episode on hormones. I have a deeper understanding of each hormone and identifying my possible deficiencies and what to do about generating balance for an easier time in life. I experience Jill as wonderfully warm, beautifully genuine and incredibly wise. Her care and support are palpable to me. I appreciate her emphasizing the importance of accepting and loving myself and my body right here… right NOW!!! Thank you, Jill, for supporting women to know and feel their worthiness.

Sister Circle

Love listening to the stories and hearing that we all struggle with similar issues. It is inspiring to hear each woman’s approach to the challenges involved in self care. Jill creates a comfortable atmosphere for sharing vulnerabilities and I love her support for and acceptance of the individual choices made. Valuable lessons here.