April 5, 2023

104. Beth Ramer - Work-Life Balance Is an Illusion

104. Beth Ramer - Work-Life Balance Is an Illusion
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The key to balancing work and life is to take more time for self-care. 

Beth Ramer is a career counselor and professional coach who helps women balance the alignment of work and life by prioritizing their well-being. 

The unfortunate truth is that the concept of work/life balance is often an illusion because being a high achiever can push us into a state of trying to constantly manage unrealistic schedules. 

Being in a chronic state of hyper-mode and dealing with persistent stress will compound over time, eventually leading to dangerous burnout. 

To avoid damaging ourselves, we must take time for self-care, find moments to calm ourselves, and shift our energy to a relaxed state to recharge properly.

Prevention is easier than recovery, so make sure you are taking time to love yourself!

🔸 Beth works in the pharmaceutical industry and has a private practice: work-life balance is an illusion in many ways because we somehow always put ourselves last. 02:30
💮 Pushing to do everything at work or home makes us stuck in a masculine energy: there's a way to do it all in a more feminine flow state and open up our creativity. 06:40
🔥 Striving for that end achievement is perfect in small doses, but we shouldn't keep ourselves in constant overdrive: the pandemic had an enormous effect on health and nutrition because, for many of us, our bodies got used to overdrive, so we constantly looked for that rush. 12:50
🟢 Emotional resilience makes us self-aware and shifts away from reaction mode: that control can help us stay calm and have a moment of choice. 20:26
🌺 It's really about the holistic approach to our well-being: find something that you can add in today that's going take your energy up a notch and make you feel supported, cared for, and nurtured. 26:01
🧡 Set boundaries within yourself, and not just at your workplace: prevention is much easier than recovery. 29:29


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