Dec. 29, 2022

79. Kate McKay - Claim Your Best Self

79. Kate McKay - Claim Your Best Self

Rewrite your inner dialogue and embrace self-celebration. Kate Mckay is a certified success coach and business strategist that helps her clients claim their inner badass. It’s simple advice, but being yourself really is the key to confidence. Women are co

🍾 Release self-sabotage & reclaim vitality - be in the process of celebration, not self-degradation. 01:36
6️⃣ Work on the 6 areas & have a badass, kickass life: Kate's meaning shifted when she lost her child. 04:38
🥰 Women have a very disrupted cultural view of men & competitive vibe between each other - let's embrace our inner hottie. 11:53
✅ Get over the shame - we have the power to choose: confidence comes from action - you are worthy. 17:29
🤗 Be perfectly honest about why you resist: have the tenacity, grit & grace to choose the light. 21:11
🏋️‍♀️ Kate had acute ADHD & lifting weights helped her - it helps with your muscles, joints, brain, skin, confidence, sleep & sex life. 26:42
👼 Kate dreamed of her son & discovered the word claim. 31:37


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