Dec. 9, 2022

65. Dr. Shaniece Criss - The 5 Layers of a Healthy Society

65. Dr. Shaniece Criss - The 5 Layers of a Healthy Society

Did you know that your health can be directly influenced by society and the government? Dr. Shaniece Criss is an associate professor in health sciences and researches how societal issues impact health for all of us. Public health has been shown to have a

5️⃣ The five layers of public health: how to make the healthy choice an easy choice. 02:20
🤝 It's important to recognize individual power and partnership: townships & communities organize great events that are good for health & socializing. 06:16
4️⃣ Nutrition, physical activity, social support, and staying mentally stimulated are important for health and longevity: boredom can get you into “trouble.”. 09:19
📱 Dr. Shaniece studies societal impacts on health & creates and shares fun health tips on Instagram. 11:43
💙 You are not alone, there are people who care: “blue spaces” are good for overall well-being. 12:45
🏙️ Public health is connected with developing cities: more financially mixed cities can lead to better health for everybody.. 15:35
❌ Racism impacts health - Dr. Shaniece searches for policies that cause inequality and works to change them: the problem is on a cultural level. 19:08
🤰 How pregnancy and birthing can be affected by racism. 22:27
🏛️ Talk to your elected officials: there are different ways to volunteer in the local government 24:35
🌷 Curiosity is a powerful tool in individual health, unlike blaming yourself. 26:45
🚶‍♀️ Invite someone to walk with you. 28:14


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