Nov. 14, 2022

49. Positive at All Costs: Why This Doesn't Work

49. Positive at All Costs: Why This Doesn't Work

Being chronically optimistic is not what it takes to achieve your goals. Having a positive mindset is important, but it’s just as important that you face reality.
Yes, facing reality might sound like misery but is it better to have your heads in the clou

👧 The ways we are raised 00:41
💐 Facing reality leads to a better life. Why is that? 02:02
🍔 What does it mean to face reality? Overeating example. 03:19
❌ Making yourself wrong only leads to bad behavior. 05:00
✍️ Journaling helps. 05:22
🫥 There's going to be short-term discomfort. 06:00?
🌙 Stay up late  - detailed example about facing reality. 07:00
💡 What happens long-term when facing reality? You can see new opportunities. 08:55
💤 There is an opportunity in facing the reality of late sleep. 09:44
🪤 Denying will catch up with you. 11:51
✨ Facing the truth will manifest positive reality 12:24
❤️ You're not wrong, you want to be happy and care for your body. 13:32


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