Oct. 6, 2022

22. Betsy Salkind - Using Humor to Facilitate Healing

22. Betsy Salkind - Using Humor to Facilitate Healing

When was the last time you saw a positive effect from taking yourself so seriously? It is high time that we all learn to laugh at ourselves and the world more.

Betsy Salkind is a wizard at using humor to facilitate healing. You don’t have to take mine

 🤣 Betsy feels the absolute necessity to laugh throughout her life and health journey. 01:29
 🧠 Comedy can teach us to shift towards new perspectives in very serious situations and soften the sympathetic nervous system. 04:11
 😉 Finding the place of joy and release: there is no prescription for humor. 06:47
 😁 Our mirror neurons will do one part for you: try watching kids, animals, and comedies. 07:49
 🤩 Relief opens our minds to new possibilities and to new ideas. 08:56
 🍀 Making a behavioral change is easy if you're enjoying it: tapping into creativity and finding what works for each person. 09:49
 👍 Jill and Betsy both love an irreverent approach to things. 12:06
 ✌️ Comedian Tig Notaro made a whole series of jokes about cancer. 13:43


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