May 10, 2023

93. David Meltzer - Happiness is the Pursuit

93. David Meltzer - Happiness is the Pursuit
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Happiness is the pursuit, not the destination. David Meltzer is the cofounder of Sports 1 Marketing and shares his passion for empowering people to be happy. The key to discovering our happiness is to stop attaching our positive emotions to conditional outcomes. Our natural state is one of ease and inspiration, so if we are feeling unhappy we must identify the emotions that are interfering with this and why we have them. When you can live in your natural state and stop holding on to outcomes, you can find true happiness in the pursuit of your potential. Roll with the right trajectory and embrace the joyful pursuit!

🙂 David is the former CEO of the Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment Agency, which inspired the Jerry Maguire movie: his life's mission is to empower over 1 billion people to be happy. 01:32
🚗 Money doesn't buy love or happiness, but it allows you to shop, and if you shop for the right things, and for the right reasons, it can make you happy. 06:14
🔹 The consistent pursuit makes you happy, not the goal: people don't know how to enjoy the consistent, everyday pursuit of their potential because they're attaching their emotions to an outcome. 09:59
🔮 You can surrender to having what you want and just enjoy, and it will come bigger and faster than it would if you attach your emotions to the outcome. 13:30
✌️ There's only fear of the past and fear of the future: if you're naturally in spirit with truth, joy, and happiness, you can identify what fear you have and stop it. 16:00
🟩 If David's not in his house of emotion, he finds out what's creating the interference to that house, a high powerful place of "I am": fear, gut, and intuitions are indicators. 20:55


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