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Fantastic Podcast!!

This is a must listen to podcast! Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and information to every episode!

The Importance of Being Happy AND Productive

This incredible podcast is a MUST for people who are trying to move their careers forward both effectively and with joy. It is not enough to be productive and it is not enough to be joyful -- you need both. Jennifer is a GREAT interviewer and covers the full range of topics on being on top of your career game -- from corporate strategies to working from home to balancing work and family. She has a big heart and extensive knowledge and experience -- a fantastic combination that you will enjoy!

Fall back in love with your business and your life

I hired Jennifer as a professional coach almost one year ago. Her insight and skillful encouragement has made a huge difference in helping me fall back in love with my business and my life. She’s helped me root out my limiting beliefs, let go of overwhelm, and begin creating a life more congruent with my values and vision. I’m sure that her podcast will provide listeners with some of the same benefits!


She’s brilliant and so relatable. I’ve been listening to her for years.