April 5, 2023

88. Sebastien Lagree - Fitness Affects Your Success

88. Sebastien Lagree - Fitness Affects Your Success
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Integrating fitness into your personal life can improve your work life. Sebastien Lagree is the CEO and founder of Lagree Fitness and shares his journey through creating an industry-shaping workout routine and keeping a positive mindset. Every business has its obstacles and challenges, and a positive attitude is a way to move forward with success. Engaging in physical activities like fitness helps us work off anxieties and stress, giving us the emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits of self-love. Making time for physical self-care and taking time off to refresh our mindset sets us in a positive frequency and allows us to attract more positivity into our lives. Start your fitness journey and learn to vibe on a different level!

⭐ Sebastien wanted to be an actor, but he found his calling in the fitness industry: when life is showing you a different path. 01:27
🌌 If you do what you're supposed to and follow your own path, you are aligned with the universe. 20:45
🦈 Even Sebastien sometimes doubts himself - he goes diving to step out of negative energy: when you're having a hard time, go take a fucking vacation. 25:07
🀝 Fitness connects people - when you work out together and sweat together, you're the same: the connection between our frequency and our success. 31:21
πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ You can't separate your work from your personal life, so why can't fitness affect your work?: fitness helps you do the hard work on the days that you have to dig in.
βœ… Sebastien plans a trip to the Amazon: we're not programmed to be happy, but we can choose to be happy, try better, and do better. 40:00


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