March 29, 2023

87. Blaine Bartlett - The Soulful Way Of Doing Business

87. Blaine Bartlett - The Soulful Way Of Doing Business
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Operate your business with compassion to regain a healthy connection to the world. Blaine Bartlett is the CEO of Avatar Resources, a global leadership consultancy that provides the resources and services to foster compassionate capitalism. Today’s capitalist society is filled with toxic workplaces centered on wealth accumulation and competitive values. To reconnect with business more positively and soulfully, we must interrupt these toxic patterns and focus on being distributive and supportive. Connecting your business to the market compassionately breeds healthy workplaces where employees and consumers can grow and thrive. Business is born out of connection, so make those connections compassionate!

🌱 Blaine consults advisors and coaches globally: he grew up on a farm that taught him nature is probably the only truly free market economy that exists. 02:19
🤝 Competition is rooted in a mindset of scarcity: compassion is impossible to experience without connection. 09:12
✅ The purpose of business is to enhance the likelihood of thriving on this planet: If purchasing my product or service helps you thrive, you will beat a path to my door. 14:47
❣️ Love what you're doing: Observe people from the perspective of the story you're holding in your mind. 16:57
‼️ It's easier to blame external circumstances: responsibility is not the blame - take responsibility. 21:40
🟢 "Without the play of the imagination, nothing of consequence has ever been produced" - Jung. 25:20
👉 Get yourself centered and design an environment that feels good to be there. 28:26
🍃 Anytime you interrupt a pattern the process stops: there is nothing in nature that serves as a center of accumulation - everything is a center of a distribution. 33:18
📖 Blaine's book about how capitalism is conducted today: how compassion gets translated into a practical business process. 38:10
📊 A study showed that companies with compassion built into the system outperformed all other companies by not just a little bit - it was a huge differential. 41:50
🔴 Balance compassion and profit: people think of compassion as soft and squishy - genuine compassion has a very hard edge to it. 44:59
🌻 The nature of life is to grow: finding business opportunities during COVID. 50:05
💚 Life happens in conversation. 52:43


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