Aug. 20, 2020

03. The Sometimes Difficulty of Being Kind, with Dominick Saladino

03. The Sometimes Difficulty of Being Kind, with Dominick Saladino

Dominick is a friend and professional executive at a large corporation where he mentors and guides junior staff. He joins Adrienne and Kent for what is initially a casual chat about complex place names, some family history, arguing with older ladies, and

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🐴 "The Oregon Trail was da bomb!" 02:26
πŸ˜‚ Hello Dominick! 16:06
🚌 Middle school woes and regretful name-calling. 33:01
πŸ—žChanging a negative mindset in the business world can be challenging. 44:55
πŸ™„ "If you're not looking at my kindness as me trying to help you, maybe then I do become unkind, a bit." 50:17
πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Mentoring to help people figure out if they belong. Kindness from the top down. 50:50
🌞 Kind and unkind people among presidential candidates and erstwhile candidate hopefuls. 59:45
πŸ’– On having to be able to see own imperfections and be an honest, vulnerable human being. 01:04:46
πŸ–• Nobody says "fuck" like New Yorkers. 01:08:25Β 

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