Oct. 12, 2021

S2E47. Challenging the Myths of Menopause

S2E47. Challenging the Myths of Menopause

Breeda Bermingham is a menopause coach and researcher based in Ireland whose mission is to help women have the power to own their menopause and to break through the shame and silence around this transition.

Welcome 1.32

The importance of enabling women to talk about menopause and share their stories 3.04

Entering menopause is about entering a powerful phase in our lives 5.31

Why keeping silent on menopause is impacting our mental health 7.41

We have a lot of living to do post-menopause so we need to challenge the depictions of older women 14.49

Tapping into our deep inner creative power in our 50s 21.31

Why need women need better roles models than those in popular culture 26.25

That women need to tap into the 4 dimensions of menopause physical, psychological, the emotional and the spiritual 28.42

That there is power in vulnerability and reaching out for help 33.57

Why early education and understanding is critical to break down the stigma 38.19

Why slowing down is the key ingredient in self-care 40.16

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