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Sept. 21, 2021

S2E45. How Culture Shapes How We View Women

S2E45. How Culture Shapes How We View Women

What does throat cancer and multi-cultural background teach us about how we can grow as women? Join me in conversation with Henriette Runte, cancer survivor, author and podcaster to talk about these topics through the lense of her book ‘Fade to Green’

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Welcome 1.32

How thyroid cancer made her realize how important your voice is 6.48

Why it is to so important to make every step of our life an opportunity to grow 13.58

We talk about her book ‘Fade to Green’ about cultures and generation coming together 19.22

Why people sharing time on authentic connections, takes this time pressure away and allows people to focus on themselves 25.43

The importance of being connected to the season and your local environment without rejecting globalisation 29.46

Why asking for help isn’t weakness and why it can be so transformative for women 32.00

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