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June 15, 2021

S2E31. Why Midlife is a Power Point in a Woman's life

S2E31. Why Midlife is a Power Point in a Woman's life

My guest today is Karen Randall Transition Life Coach ând Energy Psychologist who empowers women to embrace Transition as an Invitation to envision, create and manifest their next stage filled with Purpose, Meaning and Joy!

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Welcome 1.32

How empty nesting can be a major trigger for changing the direction of Karen's own life 4.34

There are so many things that we as women have in our skill sets that we just take for granted and don't realize the value of them. 6.22

One of the biggest physical changes is our decreased ability to just push through and make stuff happen. And so we are invited to face the fact that you cannot continue to push through like you have, your body just is not going to allow you to do that anymore. And so there's the invitation for the lessons in that. 9.29

The 4 Stage of Transition 18.02

  • The Red Stage - there is an ending of some kind. And so, you know, for many of us, it can be when children leave home, when you have your last period, when you have your first hot flash, you know. Endings are almost always something that takes time. 

  • The Blue Stage -the time when you start to say, I'm not that anymore. And so that's where that grieving comes in.I don't know who I am. And so it's a time of disorientation of the in-between

  • The Yellow Stage is just a little side trip out of the Blue Zone, then what happens often is that you cannot keep up that pace of avoiding, it takes a lot of energy to keep pushing those feelings away

  • The Pink Stage - this is the time of creativity of just imagining, I could do all of these things. And eventually, you have more clarity around where you want to move to, and you form a plan.*

A key aspect for many women, as they're creating this vision of what they want to do in the second half of their life. How can I bring healing to the world in one way or another? How can we take that servant heart and apply it to the world? 35.38

Key Takeaways

  • Why mid-life, menopause, death, divorce, retirement, and many other significant changes invite us to embrace these times as an invitation to explore what our next stage in life can be
  • The importance of understanding what gets in the way of manifesting our vision, and creating allies with all the parts of ourselves as we make our vision a reality.

Connect with Karen https://www.karenrandallcoaching.com/

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