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Great experience

As with so much of life, if we cover all bases, we get a complete picture. I had such a wonderful time discussing a few menopause issues with Klarissa. Our conversation was so easy and joyful. Thank you. I can’t wait to have you on my show.

Great podcast

Wow, this podcast is amazing! So informative and makes you feel comfortable and safe. Great podcast with lots of great information, if you haven’t listened to it yet, give it a try!

Thriving thru Menopause

Just listened to the episode with Dr. Ivery. Whoa she is impressive. THank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

So needed!

Clarissa shares much needed and valuable information that all women need before, during, and after menopause. She is an engaging host and opens the conversation in an area of vital need.

Great podcast!

Fabulous tips for us midlife women!

Ahhhh - amazing resource

Clarissa has a wonderful way about her as a podcast host and authentic leader. She takes the listener on a journey and brings forward tips and resources that support the listener in having a little breathing space while navigating mid-life and all that comes with it.