March 1, 2023

01. The Power of Therapy to Heal Trauma

01. The Power of Therapy to Heal Trauma

Growing up in an abusive family and years of therapy helped Dr. Bonnie Wims to understand the reasons why we think and behave the way we do.

Life is hard and it happens to all of us. No one escapes the challenges and unfairness that life can throw our way. Challenges sometimes can have us feeling helpless or less equipped to manage our lives the way we want to. 

Let’s talk about the benefit of mental wellness, therapy, and how our lives can change when we open ourselves up to self-reflection.

Show Notes:
🎧 A personal paragraph from Called to Lead, Success Strategies for Women. 01:08
👧 Growing up in an abusive home: trauma responses. 02:55
⚠️ Negative self-talk is born out of the sense of low self-worth. 03:39
🎯 Therapy can help overcome challenges life puts in front of us. 04:24


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