Jan. 31, 2023

98. Mindie Barnett - Balancing Burnout And Teamwork

98. Mindie Barnett -  Balancing Burnout And Teamwork

If you want to be your best self, you have to manage your work-home interferences. Mindie Barnett is an entrepreneur on a journey to pursue an encore career in psychology and shares her research on burnout syndrome with us. Burnout is now a medically....

👩 Mindie is getting her master's in marriage & family counseling and is doing research on burnout syndrome: everybody needs recovery time so we don't become a depleted nation. 02:25
🤳 Make your body a leaner, meaner machine by taking time to unwind: the phone is often the main work-home interference. 10:24
🥱 Sleep compromises are not good, but we all have them sometimes. 13:52
🌸 Lead with empathy but know the difference between a mistake and a misstep: don't hover over your employees but have a check-in. 15:58
🏇 If you're pulling the reins too hard you're going to cause damage - be gentle with your employees. 19:03
🤝 Mindie shares an incident from her company and how it was resolved: we have to align with our team because our team is really us. 21:05
✔️ Poor behavior is almost always a result of being hurt or fearful: clients have to also do their part. 25:37
👩‍💼 Stand by your team: let your employees know when you make a mistake and don't try to cover it up. 26:34
📢 Get your name out there in the media. 28:39
✅ You can be successful in your career and not compromise your health. 32:03


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