Jan. 30, 2023

97. Shannon Black: Trauma Lives In The Body. Luckily, We Can Change The Template

97. Shannon Black: Trauma Lives In The Body. Luckily, We Can Change The Template

Trauma can be a challenging obstacle to overcome, but there are ways to heal those wounds. Shannon Black is a clinical therapist and educator who shares her passion for understanding the neurology behind trauma and how to deal with it. At any point in our

🧠 Trauma is stored in the body: our brain is built on our experiences and relationships. 03:23
✅ When the vagus nerve is toned, we are in a safe and connected physiological state. 06:50
👪 Why creating a strong vagal tone is important: how trauma gets stored in us. 09:58
🤗 It takes a lot of energy to self-regulate but zero energy to be naturally regulated with a trusted loved one. 15:02
💞 Our nervous system is attenuated when we are playful with people we trust: all people are trying to move towards safety or connection. 19:15
🍔 Being in a state of fight or flight causes us to seek reward unconsciously - the movement toward the fridge happens below our level of thinking. 23:04
3️⃣ Three pillars of how our memory gets created: our memories are changeable - we always download the latest version. 32:15
📿 If you have a spiritual practice, there's no reason that shouldn't be part of your therapy. 37:05
🌬️ A quick way to engage the vagal brake is to exhale longer than inhale. 38:54
👉 Trauma can be anything that happens that's too much too soon, too much for too long, or too little for too long, without a safe and secure attachment. 41:12


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