Jan. 3, 2023

82. Svetlana Chamoun - Tackling The Business Of Burnout

82. Svetlana Chamoun - Tackling The Business Of Burnout

Your health may be at risk because your doctor’s health is being systemically undermined. Svetlana Chamoun is a cardiologist who practices lifestyle medicine and is raising awareness for burnout in the medical system. Western healthcare as a whole has ev

👩‍⚕️ From cardiology to lifestyle medicine: healthy lifestyle changes can prevent 85% of chronic diseases. 02:50
🔥 Before covid, 50% of healthcare workers had burnout: the upcoming potential shortage of physicians is in the hundreds of 1000s. 08:37
💀 Beware Karoshi syndrome - death by overworking and the societal effects of burnout. 13:14
💲 Physicians are employees of the for-profit system. 17:15
🤹 Physicians are stuck between healing models & business models. 21:30
❤️ About Svetlana's work: be empathetic to your physician, and tell them about this! 24:24
🥼 Mental health is stigmatized in the medical profession - they are trained to neglect their needs, and resilience doesn't help, but empathy can. 27:23
✅ Svetlana educates medical workers and healthcare administrators about burnout, practical solutions, and monitoring & reducing burnout in real time. 30:38
❗ You can test for burnout with questionnaires: it's important to recognize the type of burnout, react in time, and restructure a person's immediate surroundings. 32:52
💆‍♀️ Unload yourself with mindfulness & meditation in complete isolation: live your life according to your values. 36:22
🤔 It's tough to change your thinking in a stressful state. 38:21
👮‍♀️ People in high-stress professions should develop calming techniques using breath and brain stimulations. 40:24


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