Dec. 27, 2022

77. Tami Murphy - The Dishonest Marketing Around Holistic Approach

77. Tami Murphy - The Dishonest Marketing Around Holistic Approach

The holistic approach to health can be easy, economical, and exciting. Tami Murphy is a holistic nutritionist who is sharing her passion for plant-based diets with creative and nutritious ideas. The word holistic has been muddled by dishonest marketing an

🟑 Holistic means using alternative, natural methods that can be easily obtained to improve health. 02:22
πŸ’Š Tami had severe digestive issues, and medications made it worse, but dietary change helped her. 07:09
🐟 Plant-based, vegetarianism, pesco-vegetarianism, or loose veganism: pay attention to what's on your plate. 08:45
πŸ₯• Make food that's not just nutritious, but tastes great: eat your chocolate: try something different like a carrot hotdog. 13:31
πŸ₯— Tami's salad: Jill's ingredients for the ultimate salad. 16:45
🍲 Big β€˜ol salad night: don’t forget soups, especially in the winter. 19:34
πŸ₯¬ Mixed salad greens and juices are great: the meal planning & having cooked food in the fridge. 21:37
πŸ•‘ Training without a focus on nutrition doesn't give the right results: holistic means it'll take some time. 24:35
πŸ₯° If you don't eat enough, you'll be angry: your scale number means nothing - give yourself grace. 27:27
βœ… Nobody's perfect - we all have difficulties with food and media conditioning: replace judgment with curiosity. 30:00


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