Dec. 26, 2022

76. Is Food Your Only Indulgence?

76. Is Food Your Only Indulgence?

If you’re feeling stuck and unsatisfied it might be time to expand your approach to pleasure. We are conditioned by media and culture to understand that food is all about indulgence. Food is such a simple fulfillment that we tend to turn to it when we are

🥧 Food makes us feel good. 00:18
❔ Is food your main indulgence, or do you provide yourself with satisfaction & pleasure from other sources? 01:43
👠 It's not about what you eat but your relationship with food: how to feel indulgent & expansive in your life. 04:13
🍗 Go back to the basics - eat whole foods & protein: we go for food when we lack satiety in other areas. 06:00
👍 Empowered health for women is about taking a holistic perspective in life & realizing you can choose something different. 08:25
✌️ There are 2 main things we can control - our thoughts & actions. 10:00
🧠 Your body doesn't like losing weight rapidly. 12:50
🥰 It all starts with your thoughts - indulge in the idea that you are perfect: come over here with us to the easy world. 14:52
👧 Indulge in love & have fun like kids do: it's ok to indulge in food when there is no shame and guilt. 16:19
💃 The more you indulge in worldly pleasures, the less likely you'll rely on that one thing. 18:17
✅ Make a list, especially if you have a craving. 20:00


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