Dec. 22, 2022

74. Christina Veselak - Feeding the Recovering Brain

74. Christina Veselak -  Feeding the Recovering Brain

Optimizing brain nutrition can improve mental health and even save lives.

Christina Veselak is a psychotherapist who specializes in addiction recovery and mental health nutrition. Many of us are struggling with mental health issues and simple adjustme

βœ… Integrating mental health nutrition into psychotherapy can bring quicker recovery results. 02:46
πŸ— When our blood sugar drops adrenaline kicks in: when did you last eat protein? 04:24
🐟 Protein helps people with chronic relapse: premenstrual women should eat 20g of protein every 3 hours. 06:07
πŸ₯¨ People switch addictions in the early phases of recovery: Jill ate ice cream every night & later replaced it with pretzels. 09:29
🧠 When we can’t seem to shift negative behavior or thinking patterns, we should look at the brain: give your brain nutrients, not drugs. 11:49
🐎 Animal proteins contain vitamin B12, biotin, zinc & amino acids: what are other sources of amino acids? 16:43
πŸ₯˜ Eat your protein, fats & fiber: more protein means fewer cravings. 18:12
πŸ’€ Eating protein saves life and improves overall health: people with poor eating habits can eat themselves to death. 20:26
🍨 Example of a recovering 64-year-old woman: hunger vs. craving. 23:07
πŸ’€ Not having enough protein at lunch can cause cravings at night: anybody can do it! 25:57
πŸ’Š Sometimes we need to go for β€œpurified food”: it can turn cravings and even suicidal impulses off in just 20min. 28:07
🚫 Don't take supplements on your own, there can be side effects! 30:07
βœ… The supplement helped when Jill's daughter went through a breakup. 31:48


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