Dec. 21, 2022

73. Heather Keyworth Conley - Bring Your Full Self to Work (living with ADHD)

73. Heather Keyworth Conley - Bring Your Full Self to Work (living with ADHD)

The world needs more mental health awareness on both a societal and individual level. Heather Keyworth Conley works with youth in underfunded schools and helps develop strategies for more “diversity, equity and inclusion”-forward education programs. Many

🔔 Imposter syndrome: ADHD presents itself differently in girls and can go undiagnosed. 02:18
💭 What could happen if mental health wasn't taboo? 08:54
🤗 Diversity, equity, and inclusion - helping people bring their full selves: Heather focuses on racial equity. 11:56
🤯 Hard time focusing, forgetting, excessive attention to detail, and time management problems are signs of ADHD: Heather developed coping strategies. 15:12
💼 Heather had depression and felt she was not good enough even though she had an amazing career: imagine what we could do if mental health was prioritized. 18:50
✅ Prioritize your to-do list by focusing on removing barriers from tasks - get that dopamine rush: plan a calendar based on your energy. 22:11
🤝 Laziness doesn't exist: we need stillness to be productive: we can all be productive if we bring our full selves to work. 26:08


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