Dec. 19, 2022

71. Edna White - Higher Health & Happiness is an Inside Job

71. Edna White - Higher Health & Happiness is an Inside Job

The path to emotional prosperity can be filled with obstacles. Edna White is a “Life Purpose” coach that helps guide people to emotional wellness. If you are feeling stuck in your life or career it might be because you are living outside of your purpose.

🤝 Even people with great jobs need help to find their purpose: desperation puts people where they are. 02:06
📼 If there's an unconscious replay in your head to work hard to have money - don't play the old tape: Edna's Vogue modeling experience. 07:18
🥰 Be mindful of internal stories about your physical body. 11:30
👍 Start from ground zero every time you sabotage yourself. 14:02
👩‍👧 Reparent yourself: acknowledge the sort of things that you didn't get as an adult and give it back to yourself as a child. 15:35
👧 We have tantrums as kids: know who you are & what you want. 17:39
🎯  When living outside of our purpose we make decisions that are not right for us. 19:43
🛠️ We already have a tool belt, but often turn to other people when we don't know our purpose & get stuck. 22:29
❗ Resentments build up when we take everybody's word at face value. 26:50
🛏️ Adults are yearning for understanding, but don't go for the answer and later beat themself to bits: there's always a physical manifestation of discomfort. 29:19
🌼 We want growth, but we don't allow it: ego affects everyone around us: inner work is hard but worth it. 32:01
👁️ You don't have to ask someone, just look at your life to know yourself. 34:20
🌺 Deliberately create a wonderful life: you cannot abuse yourself and expect to show up in the world the way you want to. 35:37
⚡ The energy doesn't come from people being perfect but from going through hell. 37:41


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