Dec. 14, 2022

68. Rachel Bents - FUNctional fitness

68. Rachel Bents - FUNctional fitness

Health, wellness, and fitness can be fun! Rachel Bents is a personal trainer who helps people develop fun fitness habits and routines. Beginning your fitness campaign can be overwhelming, but it’s okay to start with tiny habits, so tiny they may even feel

🌸 Health & wellness should be fun and enjoyable: faith, family, and fun are Rachel's 3 values. 02:06
🤸‍♀️ Build up from super small habits: do nothing and stay in the same place or have fun, take the risk and see what happens. 04:52
😞 Women between 40 & 60 often feel incapable of working out on their own. 09:41
✨ It's FUN when it's playful, has some flow, and creates a connection. 11:07
👟 It helps to pair up with someone who's on the same level or has more experience: we identify with our habits and mantras (decisions). 14:25
🆕 Put up motivational stickers and change them once in a while: fun is a choice. 19:59
💡 Identity is a really powerful tool: when feeling exercise inertia, do something for just 60 seconds. 21:19
👍 When you're done with your workout, you should feel better than when you started. 23:17
💃 Jill dances to motivate herself for a workout: Rachel dances to a random song every morning. 25:51
🥳Celebrate even the smallest body movements. 29:13


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