Dec. 13, 2022

67. Alex Van Tol - What's Love Got To Do With Health?

67. Alex Van Tol - What's Love Got To Do With Health?

At the core of all health and life improvements is self-love. Alex Van Tol is a communications specialist who shares insights from her 10-year-long journey of inner self-love. Learning to truly love and accept yourself isn’t easy, it takes practice and fa

❤️ Self-love is at the root of all our healing: inner work is a bit of a faith game, invisible and mood dependent. 03:14
💐 Focusing context vs. content: even flowers grow more fully surrounded by the context of love. 07:11
🤸‍♀️ Acceptance is where change can happen: our bodies are a very underused source of wisdom and knowledge in our society. 10:39
🥰 Speak words of love to yourself: draw the cosmic energy towards yourself 13:31
👧 A disordered eating pattern can be connected to having felt deprived of love as a little person. 16:17
💆‍♀️ How to logically say you are enough and 100% worthy of unconditional self-love and acceptance?: it takes 100 reps to talk yourself into something but drops to 10 reps when you get your body involved. 19:41
🌬️ Bring the body and the breath in: breath is the excuse to bring attention somewhere. 22:26
🎇 Would you be willing to do this imperfectly and still have fun? 26:19
💞 Self-love may feel silly at the beginning, but the fruit from the love garden is so juicy. 28:05


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