Dec. 12, 2022

66. The Tsunami of Negativity

66. The Tsunami of Negativity

Society and media are bombarding us with temptations to make poor decisions, but we can fight it. From billboards to commercials to the foods served at events, the world seems to be pushing us towards unhealthy opportunities. It’s perfectly normal to feel

🍧 We're surrounded by a culture that undermines our success: As women, in our 20s we learn that our value in society is based on how we look. 00:26
🤷‍♀️ Acknowledge and be aware of what's happening: it's inevitable. 03:00
👍 Don't see yourself as a victim: commit to taking action. 04:15
🥰 Give yourself the grace you would give to your loved ones: it's all part of the process. 07:09
💃 Stop the "I have to be perfect" idea & feel expanded and free. 09:08
🤗 Make the feeling bigger: letting go is crucial for moving forward and improving life. 11:50


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