Dec. 8, 2022

64. Here is What to Eat

64. Here is What to Eat

It’s time to cast aside dietary dogmas and go back to the basics! Authoritative dietary plans can be irresponsible and unnecessarily restrictive. Eating the right way for your body can be as easy as switching over to whole foods. Steering away from proces

✅ We just need guidance: start with the basics. 01:25
❗ Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes. 04:43
🥬 Put away all the fancy diets and eat whole foods. 05:47
🛒 If you shop in the periphery of the supermarket, you'll see whole foods. 07:49
❌ If it is in a box or a bag and has a long list of ingredients, it's highly processed, so stay away from it. 09:46
🥗 40 Plant food challenge - 40 different whole foods each week: eat healthily and be ahead of most people on crazy diets. 12:18
🧀 Minimize ultra-processed dairy and stick to the more artisanal types of cheese. 13:32
🥒 Get your probiotics from naturally fermented veggies: if you eat 90% whole foods you'll see a shift in your body.15:21
🧘 Simple changes can be the “real deal stuff.” 17:50
🥙 Have some expansiveness around food: experience gastronomical excitement. 19:08
🥰 Practice the skill of self-love. 20:26


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