Dec. 1, 2022

62. Allyson McQuinn - Curing All Layers of Illnesses

62. Allyson McQuinn - Curing All Layers of Illnesses

Heilkunst medicine is a complete system of holistic medicine and homeopathic principles used to prevent and cure disease.
Allyson McQuinn has been a practitioner of Heilkunst since she witnessed it successfully treat her son's autism. Disease matrixes p

❤️ 'Heil' means whole art and science + 'kunst' is healing and curing: Allyson's son’s autism was successfully treated. 01:33
🎯 What’s the difference between a Heilkunst doctor and a regular one?: you gotta do things in order, or you won't get the “full monty” of the resolution you expect. 06:31
👩‍⚕️ Homeopathy and allopathy systems: Heilkunst treatment. 11:20
💊 Antibiotic means against life: be careful with those.17:11
🧬 Jill's daughter's experience with Lyme: an emotional aspect of every illness. 20:33
🤰 Natural birth is a different way of birthing: we did it for centuries.  23:27
❌ Birth is not illness: C-sections can create problems for future generations. 27:56
👩‍👧‍👦 Allyson's experience with her children and antibiotics: we didn't have the right education. 29:08


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