Nov. 25, 2022

58. Anusha Batra - Processing Emotions with Creative Writing

58. Anusha Batra - Processing Emotions with Creative Writing

Writing is an excellent tool to help process emotions and calm the chaos in your brain.

Anusha Batra is a writer who keeps a therapeutic blog as an outlet for creative writing and calming the turbulence in her head. We explore what it’s like to be a w

✍️ Process a story out of everything that happens in life: writing down your emotions is a good way to process them. 02:31
💻 Blog as a go-to place for when you feel overwhelmed and need to process emotions. 04:17
🇮🇳 Parents in India are very protective but they've learned to embrace Anusha’s blog writing. 05:23
🥰 When Anusha found her love of writing. 07:08
⏩ There is still some stigma attached to getting therapy in India but thankfully they are moving away from it. 08:36
😇 Writing helps when overwhelmed by a lot of emotions and it can definitely help improve writing. 10:10
✌️ Anusha’s team creates marketing content for school programs. 11:27
🌍 Anusha wants to do travel writing and to write a book. 14:05
🐕 The story of the journey through helping rescue and rehabilitate stray animals. 14:46
🎯 Words are the perfect medium for expressing our thoughts or our reception of what we are seeing. 16:10
✅ Storing exciting travel adventures in blog posts while they are still fresh in your mind. 17:51
🌜 Anusha shares a powerful and touching dream about all her deceased grandparents visiting her together. 19:31
⚠️ Be aware of your problems, don’t bottle them: forgive yourself and others, and allow yourself to feel. 24:36


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