Nov. 24, 2022

57. Alison Haase: Love Your Self Through Consistency and Support

57. Alison Haase: Love Your Self Through Consistency and Support

“Our body is our friend.” - Alison Haase went through addiction and bulimia and she overcame that and practiced athletics and horseback riding. She has realized her body does a lot of cool stuff.

In this episode, we talk about how to show up for yours

💉 Alison lost her little brother to an overdose a year ago: she is sober for 19 years because of her consistency and habits. 02:14
✅ When life happens, keeping consistency is incredible. 06:42
👣 Sometimes it's necessary to borrow someone else's experience to have hope: go step by step. 08:44
📏 Perfectionists' demands on ourselves are insidious. 11:00
🥳 We need cheerleaders, mirrors, and confidence. 14:01
🤝 It's scary to develop relationships, but it's worse not to: be aware when you flee forward. 15:48
📖 ‘The Addict In Aisle 7’ - Alison's book about fighting with bulimia, drugs, and alcohol. 19:10
🏇 Alison's experience with professional sports and perfectionism: changing relationship with the body. 20:57
❤️ A part of us that complains about our bodies comes from a place of something we desire: befriend the enemy. 27:02


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