Nov. 23, 2022

56. Anne Asher - A Holistic Approach to Pain

56. Anne Asher - A Holistic Approach to Pain

What it really means to start the journey towards living your life more "posturally.”
Anne Asher is a consultant, health coach, personal trainer, and yoga teacher who focuses on mind and body alignment.

We discuss non-violent communication and how to

 ❤️ Non-violent communication is giving from the heart, but let the jackal out first. 03:08
 🧒 The jackal is like a wounded child expressing itself. 08:24
 🤸 If we don't use our physical and emotional abilities, they decrease and affect each other. 10:44
 🧍‍♀️ Posture is not just about sitting straight, but rather it is awareness of oneself. Anne helps people creatively, along with science. 13:38
 👌 We need a mindset shift. People don't always need surgery to cure their pain and we should see a doctor only 20% of the time. 15:37
 🥇 The body has certain limitations, but some people are pushing their limits. 18:40
 🥘 The placebo effect and experiments with food. 21:08
 💪 Human growth hormones and strength training. There's always potential and a possibility to improve. 23:19
😊 There are so many wonderful ways to feel better. Deciding to stay in pain is the jackal speaking. 25:22
🐺 If you can not face your jackal, find a good professional. 28:46
🦒 Being a giraffe is a skill. Breathing practice can help overcome COVID. 30:41
 🚶‍♀️80% of people with lower back pain go through unnecessary surgery. Jill's experience with back pain. 33:17
 🏥 The medical system is designed to look at you in pieces instead of a whole-body approach. 36:43


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