Nov. 18, 2022

53. Anita Kopacz - Zero F’s Given

53. Anita Kopacz - Zero F’s Given

Anita Kopacz is a thriving survivor of sexual abuse and the creator of Zero F’s Given. Zero F's Given is a campaign to raise awareness and help victimized and disenfranchised populations heal from trauma, find their voice, and reclaim their power. Zero F’

🦠 Anita's experience with long Covid - intense attacks and food problems. 02:22
🇲🇽 Anita’s healing experience in Mexico: healing ceremonies. 06:25
🥰 Surround yourself with people who believe in you, especially when you do not believe in yourself. 09:55
😰 Jill's and Anita's intense experiences with covid. 11:51
👠 Jill's book recommendation: Rage Becomes Her by Soraya Chemaly. 15:06
🏥 If there are any latent diseases in the body, COVID can wake them up. 17:48
📕 Anita's book Shallow Waters has historic elements we need to know about: a love letter for black women. 21:07
🗺️ Black history and culture are falsely demonized: Anita’s book helps us to realize it. 21:47
🏫 Anita originally wrote her book for high schoolers, but the book is also for adults. 26:30
🌹  Zero F's Given raises awareness and helps abused people, especially women of color, giving them a safe place to heal. 29:16
🚨 Center for Safety and Change in Rockland helps people who have suffered from any form of criminal activity. 33:21
⚠️ Trafficking is everywhere around us. 34:48


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