Nov. 15, 2022

50. Breanne Ward - The Burden We Carry Through Generational Trauma

50. Breanne Ward - The Burden We Carry Through Generational Trauma

Trauma from your childhood and upbringing could be weighing on you and causing you stress without you even realizing it. Breanne Ward is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and the CEO of ForWard Consulting. She talks about self-care, generational and race

🩸 Breanne's experience with iron deficiency and anemia.  02:05
👌 Getting therapy: when Breanne's motivation increased a ton.  07:40
🔋 Nutritional deficiency affects your mood and energy levels.   08:20
⏸️ We have to navigate our stop and reset buttons - get to know ourselves.  09:59
🧘 The difference in work and life when balancing mind-body-spirit.  12:50
🙇 Higher power orchestrates things we don't have to. 13:35
⚖️ What I can control and what is out of my control: don't put the weight of the world on your shoulders.  16:30
🥌 Emotional laundry sorting.  17:52
🧬 Inheriting trauma: what is family epigenetics? 19:00
👵 Grandma - the silent strongest woman. 23:39
🧠 Stress affects our brains and eating habits.  24:28
😟 Women have so much shame, guilt, and judgment: nobody wants to suffer and make bad decisions.  26:22
👭 Know what you want to start with and find a clinician or a friend for support. 30:05
🎭 It's not easy: let's stop pretending. 32:35
✌️ Breanne helps with cultural and societal norm clashes that manifest in the professional space. 33:36


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