Nov. 9, 2022

46. How You Can Be Happier by Leaning in to Your Emotions

46. How You Can Be Happier by Leaning in to Your Emotions

Get ready for riding the waves of emotions. Let’s dig into ourselves without running away from ‘bad’ emotions. Emotion as a signal - be with it.
Riding the wave of emotion and looking into the ‘why’ it is there may feel scary or controversial but it wil

🌊 Emotions are not bad - they’re just feelings. 00:35
🤷‍♀️ How do we deal with fear, anger, and sadness? 03:18
👉 We want to avoid feelings but they persist. 04:42
👊 What to do when something hits you - this trick really works. 05:08
🗣️ Public speaking nervousness Jill has and how she deals with it. 05:58
🌅 Monday morning dread wave that comes for Jill. 08:08
🤗 Savor all your emotions: emotion is a signal. 09:51
💥 Attention in combination with happiness and fear. 11:48
🛑 We are suppressing even happy emotions: the thought that comes to destroy your joy. 12:58
☺️ Sweetness in feeling emotions: build on emotions.  13:51
💪 A greater degree of emotion control is empowering. 15:25
🧩 Weight loss is a byproduct of improving health. 16:46


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