Nov. 8, 2022

45. Kelli Wingo - The Superpower of Ownership

45. Kelli Wingo - The Superpower of Ownership

It’s time to become the CEO of your life.
Kelli Wingo is the Founder and the Chief Vision and Strategy Officer in her leadership development consultancy. She brings energy, excitement, empowerment, and encouragement.
Kelli is sharing how to be unique

🤸‍♀️ A body is a living, breathing miracle – a cadaver is proof. 01:46
💡 Kelli is interested in and inspired by the human body. 03:19
🚘 We take better care of our cars than our bodies. 4:58
✨ Everyone has a mind, body, and spirit, but the combination of these three makes us unique. 06:05
🎆 If you don't understand the unique makeup of your mind, body, and spirit, there's a place in the universe that is missing you. 07:40
📋 How to harness uniqueness: superpower audit. 09:05
🚫 One of the rules: don’t take compliments away from yourself! 10:46
🎯 Have an ownership mindset in your personal and professional life by focusing on things you can control. 13:45
🎡 Influence, like life, is a journey. 16:27
👩‍👦 Toddler learning independency and parents’ ownership superpower. 18:00
😇 Perfection is an illusion: build resistance to find your strengths. 19:12
🌈 You have to train your mind to see opportunities. Use your kaleidoscope. 22:50
🤝 Owners should start with employees for better business and bigger revenue. 28:00


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