Nov. 7, 2022

44. What Are You ACTUALLY Committed To?

44. What Are You ACTUALLY Committed To?

We all hold some unconscious beliefs about ourselves and those lead us to an unconscious commitment to a particular outcome. We align our actions to those unconscious beliefs without even realizing it!
These beliefs can hold us back so much that we can’t

🛺 Annoying slow drivers and our consciousness. 00:30
🥇 Desire to be good enough as a source of self-sabotaging. 03:06
🤔 The best question to ask when irritated: What is my unconscious belief about myself? 05:56
📋 Recognizing personal behavior patterns. 06:36                      
⭕ A vicious cycle: women believe they are not enough. 07:38
❔ If we can’t fix the problem, we should check unconscious beliefs that drive us in the opposite direction. 11:00
🤷 How do I know what my unconscious commitments are about my health? 13:13
👍 We can’t control everything, and that is OK. 14:57
✅ What are the actions to take? 16:05
⚠️ Don`t get into a zone you’re not comfortable with: seek support, especially if you have trauma. 16:34
😇 Every human being on the earth has unconscious beliefs: no shame and blame in it. 17:49
🥰 Know you are enough: mantras can help. 19:50


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