Nov. 4, 2022

43. Marcia Roberts Mikels - The Lasting Physical Effects of Trauma

43. Marcia Roberts Mikels - The Lasting Physical Effects of Trauma

We know that experiencing trauma can leave you with lasting mental health problems, but how does trauma linger physically?

Marcia is one of the bravest women I know, and she is sharing her story with us today. After leaving an abusive relationship, Mar

🤰 Marcia left her husband after an assault: a sad event that affected her health. 02:55
😢 The miscarriages, gaining weight, elevated blood pressure: massive blood loss and emergency D&C. 05:43
😮 Marcia’s huge fibroids were treated with a new procedure: a uterine embolization cuts the blood supply to fibroids. 08:34
⚠️ Victims of domestic violence in some states have to ‘dig’ to find a social worker while in other states, they come in immediately with the police. 12:04
🛣️ The recovery process for a single mom of five: the waiting list for counseling was huge and dealing with the system and schooling. 12:55
⚡ Huge gaps in victim services: Marcia went through training herself to help her kids and later opened a consultant agency. 14:35
👉 Being an intermediary in cases and helping victims take back their voices: why do women go back to their abuser? 16:35
🎯 After experiencing trauma, there are a lot of residual effects on your psychology and your neurobiology: learning coping mechanisms. 18:37
👩‍⚕️ Heart issues, autoimmune disorders, and cancer risks increase after experiencing trauma. 19:35
✅ Why men are more confident to leave abusive relationships. 24:01
🌸 Issues with waiting lists in emergency housing: building coping mechanisms and resilience is very important when you can’t leave.  25:00
🎅 List of Marcia’s healthy coping mechanisms and some tricks we all can benefit from. 26:27
‼️ Kids need coping mechanisms too: family traditions can help in building happy memories so much. 31:48


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